1) Local Utility Company

Check with your utility/electric company for any incentives. You can find incentives for installing a home charger, qualify for special electricity rates, or get a rebate toward your new or used EV. Search "electric vehicle" on your local utility website.

2) Home Air District

Check your local air district. California is split up into different districts that are responsible for regional air quality planning. They may receive funding to help incentivize their communities to drive a clean fuel car. To find your local air district visit https://ww3.arb.ca.gov/capcoa/dismap.htm

3) City and County Websites

Regional incentives through your city or county websites offer additional savings that can be stacked with utility company and air district savings. This may include the purchase of an EV, replacing an old car with an EV, or installing a chargers at your home or workplace.

4) State Incentives

Search "California EV Incentive" to see all the current rebates in California including the California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP). Several of the state incentives can be stacked for a huge amount of savings. 

5) DON'T WASTE TIME - Use the Savings Calculator

The CVRP Savings Calculator has compiled all the regional, air district and utility rebates for you to see in one place! Enter your information and see everything you may qualify for. Sign up on this page for direct access!


Rebate Facts

  • If you plan to lease, you can still take advantage of the CVRP rebate and possibly more. Your rebate could pay for your down payment!
  • Community organizations are usually well versed in EV rebates and can help guide you through the process
  • The CVRP Savings Calculator takes information on your location to make sure you get the information that is locally available.